Election of the MCCGJA President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary for the will take place at the annual membership meeting on June 20, 2024.  The term of service is July 1, 2024 to June 30, 2025.  The method of nominating and voting on officers is spelled out in the Bylaws.  Here is a summary of the plan for this year.

Method of Nominating and Electing Officers:

  • 1. An email for nominating interested candidates will be sent to Active Members at the beginning of May to be filled
  • and returned to the President and the Secretary.
  • 2. Submissions will close at the end of May 31.
  • 3. Candidates are welcome to send a short statement for the slate about themselves
    and why they want to be elected.
  • 4. The slate of candidates will be emailed to Active Members the first week of June.
  • 5. Voting in-person will be held at the June 20 th Annual Membership Meeting.
    For members not attending the meeting, votes can be returned by email to the President and the Secretary by June 17. 
  • E-mails should clearly state the submitting member’s name and the names of the candidates being voted for in each position.
  • 6. Candidates can address the membership meeting’s attendees for 2 minutes, if desired.

— Do you know an Active Member who is interested in filling a Chapter Officer position? —
Be sure the nominee is willing to volunteer their time and energy!

Though all seats are open to nominations, here is some background to the current Officers positions:

It’s been the Chapter’s practice for the Vice President to fill the resigning President’s seat. As Janeko Bower will step down as President, V.P. Spencer Sias is an enthusiastic and energetic candidate to step up to this leadership role. Treasurer Kevin Hagerty has attained great knowledge of the Chapter financial history from his time filling this position and is willing to continue. He’s agreed that a Treasury Assistant is a wise idea and so Scott Smith the current Secretary has volunteered to take on this work.

Wanted Officers – Vice President and Secretary

Suggestions for nominees:
– Read the MCCGJA Bylaws
– Reach out to current Officers to ask any questions and to get a copy of their desk guides (tasks associated with the position learned from experience).

Janeko Bower, Presidentjanekob@gmail.com
Spencer Sias, Vice Presidentspencersias@gmail.com
Kevin Hagerty, Treasurerhagertykm@yahoo.com
Scott Smith, Secretarycolombo.smith@gmail.com
2024 MCCGJA Nominations and Election of Officers

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