Penny Moreci

As a service to the Marin County Superior Court, The Marin Chapter of the California Grand Jurors’ Association’s Outreach Program is designed to educate our local residents about the value of serving on the Marin County Grand Jury. We start by making a distinction between Civil and Criminal Grand Juries. The Marin County Grand Jury deals only with civil activities related to our local governments and taxpayers dollars.

 We begin our program year in July reviewing our prior year’s efforts. In 2018-2019, we accomplished the following:

 – Participated in the annual Senior Fair in October at the Marin Center to provide information regarding the Grand Jury process and application procedures. Many fair visitors expressed interest in applying to serve on the 2019-20 jury and were provided with the appropriate information regarding next steps.– During January, February, and March 2019 the following activities were achieved:

  1. The placing of eight (8) quarter page ads which, thanks to our outside (and unpaid) consultant, created an improved image of the Marin Civil Grand Jury. The ads were creative, clever and noteworthy and were the most effective promotion, along with the informational meetings they publicized, of our efforts. The ads advertised the schedule of “open houses.”
  2. Eleven promotional “open houses” were held, beginning in February, which included a power point presentation designed to explain what the GJ is (and is not) and what it does.
  3. In addition, the presentation was given to several groups/clubs of 30 and more, e.g., the Chevron Retirees Assn. 
  4. To promote the meetings, a network of Association members was created to send messages on Nextdoor to each community.  On four separate occasions, over 139,000 messages were posted.  There was considerable overlap due to the structure of Nextdoor, but this was explained in a disclaimer. No criticisms were received, and the repetition was a plus.
  5. One of our members from West Marin did a PSA, April 10, 2019 on KWMR FM, the radio station in Point Reyes Station .
  6. In 2017 Jay Hamilton-Roth worked with Judge Simmons to produce a professional outreach video which has been shown in the Jury room and elsewhere and which, most notably, is on the Grand Jury website and will be shown in our next recruiting efforts.
  7. These combined efforts resulted in some 55 applications, most of whom were clearly folks who could bring skills and perspective to the job.

Our ongoing activities include:

  • Developing and distributing County recruitment brochures
  • Making presentations to clubs, associations, civic organizations, businesses, and other groups telling the Marin County Grand Jury story
  • Providing newsletter articles about the Grand Jury for organizations
  • Posting website pages informing the public about the Marin County Grand Jury and how to apply for jury service.

See the Newsletter Archives for past newsletters.