Jim Bridgeman

Our committee contacts all former civil grand jury members to recruit them for membership in the MCCGJA, which provides an organizational structure within which a member may donate time, energy, and expertise to help support the Civil Grand Jury program in Marin County. 

The committee maintains the membership list, and sends reminders to renew membership.  The Committee also maintains a Group Mailing List that allows committees to notify their members of information pertinent to each committee.

We have 127 current active members. Nineteen of those members have served 2 terms with one having served in the last century, (1982 and 1996) and 71 of whom have opted to purchase a Life Membership.  In addition, we have 16 members who are also members of our parent organization, the California Grand Jurors’ Association.

If you are a past Grand Juror and would like to join, or rejoin, our membership please fill out our MCCGJA Membership Application.