The upcoming chapter member luncheon date is on February 6, 2023 with 2 guest speakers Lance Williams and Ron Kroichick. Join us!

Reporters Lance Williams and Ron Kroichick wrote the Oct.7 SF Chronicle article: Grand jury report: City Council majority put 49ers’ interests ahead of Santa Clara’s coinciding with the grand jury adopting its report: UNSPORTSMANLIKE CONDUCT: Santa Clara City Council which was published on Oct.10, 2022.

Adding to this story is a prior Oct. 4 article by the reporters: 49ers triple political contributions, pour nearly $2.7 million into Santa Clara races. Later articles appeared on Nov. 3: Expert: 49ers’ pushback against grand jury report could invite legal jeopardy and Dec. 8: Santa Clara council majority disputes grand jury’s findings involving 49ers

Speakers Lunch Event

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