Traditionally, May is the month that the chapter conducts the interview process facilitating the selection of the upcoming Civil Grand Jury to be impaneled July 1. Prior to this year’s April 22 deadline, the Superior Court received 68 applications–an impressive response from Marin citizens!

Pre-Covid, the interviews were held in the Superior Court complex at the Civic Center and included a group activity session.  Due to the continued mask mandate in the courts we are conducting the interviews via Zoom and the group activity has been shelved for this year.

The interviews will be ongoing during the first three weeks of May.  The Presiding Judge, Judge James Chou, will then select the applicants who will be entered into the drawing. The drawing for jurors, as well as alternates, will take place on June 3rd at 3 PM on the patio outside the Civic Center cafeteria. 

All chapter members are invited to attend!

2022 Grand Jury Selection Process

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