MCCGJA is again putting out information to inspire new applicants for the 2022-2023 civil grand jury! Historically the greatest source of applications is from word-of-mouth – often by past jurors. After 2 juries over the last 3 years due to the Covid pandemic, new jury applications should be collected by late April for the start of the juror selection process in May and the normal July 1 start! Please help the chapter promote a broad applicant pool of Marin’s citizenry.

Membership’s assistance in the chapter’s endeavor to engage the public by relaying your jury experiences and passing on information is greatly appreciated by the Outreach committee as it continues to publicize the civil grand jury, encourage civic participation and promote application participation.

You’re welcome to print this informational county brochure to interest folk and/or direct them to The Civil Grand Jury dropdown on this website’s Homepage!

——————- Should new jury scheduling change, updates will be posted. ———————-

Thank you for helping fulfill the chapter’s Bylaws, Article 2. Purpose (page 4).

Help Recruit New GJ Applicants

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