Zoom meeting access information can be found in your membership email dated 10/28.

Going forward, president Larry Bauer suggests monthly board meetings to convene on the first Tuesday of the month at 10:30 AM.

Membership is invited to bring your thoughts to the meeting!


Zoom Meeting November 2, 10:30 AM

1.     Call to order 

2.     Approval of minutes from last meeting

3.     Treasurers Report- Kevin Hagerty

4.    Committee Chairs-Status and Issues for 2021-2022

Social: Sally Pennypacker

            Status and Issues

Membership: Nadine Muller

·        Update on current membership and status of current jurors

·        Status and Issues

Communication/Website: Janeko Bower

·        Update on website

·        Status and Issues

Outreach: Penny Moreci, Larry Bauer, David Gabriel

·        Status and Issues

Training: Ron Brown, Max Thelen

·        Status and Issues

Selection: Tom Borden

·        Status and Issues

Implementation Review Committee: Larry Bauer

            Status and Issues

5.  Member Comment Time  2 minutes per person

6.   Discussion

            Chapter Outlook  Larry Bauer

Zoom Board Meeting – Tuesday, Nov 2 at 10:30 AM

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