The MCCGJA held its Chapter Reception on July 12 honoring the current 2021-2022 jury and the retired 2019-2020 jury, both of which have worked under COVID pandemic conditions with extended terms.
The gathering witnessed the chapter’s ceremonial gavel passed from Tom Borden to new president, Larry Bauer, who addressed the membership and introduced the guest speakers against the McInnes golf drive range. Judge Andrew Sweet spoke of his appreciation for the civil grand jury. Dick Spotsworth–always a proponent of the jury’s output–encouraged engagement with the Marin IJ media to get report information into public awareness. County Supervisor Damon Connolly reflected on county changes prompted by grand jury reports. Two term and current  foreperson, Deborah Haase, stood for photos with both honored juries. The 2020 jury foreperson was unable to attend.

2021 Chapter Reception

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