The latest 2019-20 grand jury report “Reading, Writing, and Therapy: Mental Health Challenges in Our Schools” is the subject of the Nov. 1 Marin IJ article, Marin grand jury focuses on mental health of students. The jury investigated the current situation of school-age children requiring greater mental and emotional support during the COVID-19 pandemic disruption and found that school district funding resources are facing significant cuts for various reasons. Work by educators was praised for using initiative and creativity to address mental health needs of students, but the report recommends employing more licensed therapists, connecting communities with outside mental health services and expanding training for teachers and parents regarding mental health issues. The provision of proficient support in addressing the feelings of suicide, chronic hopeless and sadness in Marin’s youth, along with many other difficulties, is growing in relevance in today’s learning environments.

Student Mental Health Concern in Grand Jury Report

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