The next luncheon will be held at the II Davide restaurant on Wednesday, November 12.

Reserve the date of December 7 on your calendar for the annual Holiday Party


SENIOR INFORMATION FAIR – October 22  Marin County Civic Center

In an effort to recruit potential Grand Jurors, the Committee members participated in the Marin Senior Information Fair (October 22, 9am-3pm, Marin Exhibit Hall.) Thank you To Jean, for the ideas to make our booth stand out..balloons and steamers and all the time you put in pulling things together and spending 6 hours promoting our cause.

To Phyllis, Rich, and Jean for getting the booth assembled.
To Betty, Owen, Susan, Reva, Nancy, Ray, Mark, Idgi, for the 2 hour shifts at the booth and mingling with the public to tell them about our work.
To Rich, Tom, John for stopping by and helping guide people to the booth.
What can I say about Captain America AKA Tim, what a job you did! Thanks so much for your energy and upbeat attitude guiding people to the booth.
Gene, thanks for all the great pictures. Rich thanks for sharing your pictures and we look forward to your video
Patti, thanks for stopping by and bringing more inserts…people really loved getting them, so it was good to have the additional supply. Please let us know how many people apply as a result of the applications we handed out.
Cleanup crew, Ray, Rich, Mark, and Jean….thanks so much. I sure hope I haven’t missed anyone and you contribution. I think we did a great job informing people of the benefits of serving.
The Larabar healthy bars were a hit.

Please visit their site at to view their various products and services.

 In addition, we gave away 2015 calendar magnets imprinted with the MCCGJ website address, along with information about how to apply for Grand Jury service. Also, we had 19 visitors give us their email addresses so we can update them regarding Grand Jury reports and MCCGJ news.

Nadine Muller, Co-Chair