Presidential Perspectives for December 2014:

Next Membership meeting is set for Thursday, December 11th at 9:30am in room 410B of the Civic Center. The first topic of conversation will be a discussion on the relationship between MCCGJA and CGJA. Mike Chernock, the acting co-chair of the CGJA’s Member Relations Committee, will be there for present his perspective on this issue and, specifically, how the CGJA “Regionals” work. This is your chance to explore this issue fully and help decide how the Chapter wants to interact with CGJA.

Implementation Review Committee:

  • John Carlton (Co-Chair) is taking a much deserve rest for a while and Tom Borden is assuming the executive decision making role for the team.
  • Last year’s jury members have hit the deck running and are enthusiastically following up on several of their reports.
  • We currently have four follow-up summaries for 2012-13 reports posted on our website. It is likely that we will soon have even more than that for the 2013-14 reports.
  • IRC meets on Monday, December 8th at 2pm at room 410B of the Civic Center.

Outreach Committee:

  • This team is moving so fast they should give a daily update!
  • Several speaking engagements are set for December and January for local organizations. We are always looking for speakers to talk up the GJ in Marin. If you’d like to try it or if you’d like to be the “second banana” at one of these events contact Nadine Muller or Jean Gunn.
  • Several organizations are being contacted to explore how we can present to their particular audiences. If you know of an organization that we haven’t connected with before, let us know.
  • An advertising campaign is being created for local media to run January through March.
  • An “open house” event is being planned for January using “Next Door” internet service. If this is successful, more will be planned.

Communications Committee:

  • Gene Dyer is continuing to do a tremendous job creating and maintaining our ever expanding website.
  • He is always looking for members who would like to provide “content” for the site or to update existing documents. Just let him know.

Social Committee:

  • Nancy Frease is a tremendous Social Director and Chair.
  • Nancy has coordinated a well-received luncheon for each of the last two months.
  • She is hosting our Holiday Party this Sunday, December 7th at 4pm ar her beautiful house. See address and instructions below. If you haven’t done so yet, please RSVP to Nancy and bring a “dish” to share and whatever you want to drink.

Membership Committee

  • Owen Haxton is tirelessly working on increasing membership and making sure the current membership is well taken care of.
  • He has some new ideas which he will share at the next membership meeting, December 11th at 9:30am in room 410B of Civic Center.



A booth was held at the annual Senior Fair.

A special luncheon was held.


Annual Holiday Party It’s time, RIGHT NOW, to check you calendars and make sure you have penned in the Chapter’s Holiday Get Together, December 7th at 4pm. Nancy Frease has graciously donated her house for the event – 817 Montecillo Road, San Rafael, 94903. Please bring your spouse or significant other, whatever you like to drink, AND an appetizer to share.

Issued a new review report on the Grand Jury’s report on  Senior Trans – FollowUp
Also issued a new listing of all Grand Jury Reports Since 2002 along with responses and follow up activities.