Original Report: The Scoop on Marin County Sewer Systems: Part II
June 16 2014

The 2013-14 Civil Grand Jury conducted a survey of 21 of the 23 wastewater agencies in Marin to shed light on the operational, financial and governance aspects of the agencies. Due to the large amount of information gathered, the Jury wrote two reports. Part II provides the survey results.

Responses to the Original Report

Marin County Board of Supervisors September 10, 2014
City of Sausalito September 10, 2014
San Rafael Sanitation District September 10, 2014
Alto Sanitary District November 17, 2014
Alto Sanitary District September 5, 2014
Bolinas Community Public Utility District September 4, 2014
Sewerage Agency of Southern Marin  September 3, 2014
City of Mill Valley  September 2, 2014
Sanitary District No. 2 of Marin County  September 2, 2014
Las Gallinas Valley Sanitary District  August 28, 2014
Sanitary District #5 of Marin County August 19, 2014
Tamalpais Community Services District August 18, 2014
Tomales Village Community Services District August 13, 2014
Almonte Sanitary District July 28, 2014
Homestead Valley Sanitary District July 22, 2014
North Marin Water District July 16, 2014
Richardson Bay Sanitary District June 25, 2014

Chapter’s Implementation Review: Follow Up Analysis Report
June 2015

Follow Up Correspondence between IRC and Agencies

Almonte Sanitary District
Alto Sanitary District
Bolinas Community Public Utility District
City of Mill Valley
City of Sausalito
Homestead Valley Sanitary District
San Rafael Sanitation District
Sanitary District No. 2 of Marin County
Tomales Village Community Services District