Dear MCCGJA Member,
It’s time once again to consider nominations for the CGJA Excellence in Reporting Awards: Best Grand Jury Reporting and Best Grand Jury Media Coverage.  Please read Barbara Sommer’s message below.  Use the link to go to the forms for nominations.
As most of you know, last year the Best Grand Jury Reporting Award went to the 2018-2019 Marin Civil Grand Jury for their report: “Wildfire Preparedness, A New Approach”.  As there are 58 counties in California, this is a very prestigious award.  It would be great if our chapter could nominate another report this year. 
Each county is permitted to make just one nomination in each of the two categories.  For that reason, the nominations must come through the chapter.  If you have a nomination in mind, please follow the instructions below and submit to the MCCGJA as a response to this message.  If you have questions, contact Barbara Sommer directly at Thanks for your consideration and best of luck!
Tom Borden President, MCCGJA


To CGJA Chapter and Association Presidents,

The deadline approaches (June 30, 2021).  Please submit your nominations for the two California Grand Jurors’ Association Excellence in Reporting Awards:Best Grand Jury Reporting – award based on quality and impact of a particular grand jury investigation.Best Grand Jury Media Coverage – recognizes outstanding coverage of a specific grand jury report or overall coverage given to a grand jury throughout the year.
The eligibility period extends back five years.
The nomination form is submitted online. Detailed information and the nomination form are available at I have attached a PDF with nomination details (same as on the above website).
The most demanding aspects of making a nomination are assembling the supporting materials (e.g., agency responses, media coverage) and writing the rationale (justification for the award).
The eligible time period is anytime in the preceding five years. However, if you have a hot report this year, save the supporting documentation and submit it next year, thereby allowing time for responses (an important consideration).

Each county can make one nomination in each, or both (i.e., same report submitted for both categories), of the award categories.
We hope you will nominate a report or a media outlet for this prestigious award presented at the Annual Meeting in October. You can view past recipients at (scroll all the way down to see the Media Coverage Award recipients).
Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.
Barbara Sommer EIR subcommittee chair 530-574-8334

Nominations for Excellence in Reporting Awards

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